icon 2024.02.16 【EMI雙語化學習計畫】

CTM English Corner

   每週二晚上6:30 - 7:30 一起練習英文、語言交換以及認識新朋友。


讓我們用輕鬆、快樂的方式來說英文,歡迎參加! (每場還會準備輕食給大家)

歡迎科管院、電資院、工學院與人社院同學一起來 !!

每月主題與報名場次,請參考: 點我

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***2024 May Events***


Let's meet up to learn other cultures and language exchange. 

Make new friends. Have an opportunity to practice and learn English.

Students from CTM, EECS, COE and CHSS are all welcome !

We will meet up at 6:30 - 7:30 PM, one day in a week ( P.S refreshments served )

Location : Kun Sheng Reading Lounge 

Topics and Registration: Click here  ( Advance Registration Required)

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