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院長 林哲群


Dear fellow graduate students of the CTM and representatives of undergraduate departmental student associations,

I'm conveying a message from Dean Lin regarding the renovation of the 3rd floor of TSMC Building NTHU, intended for departmental student associations and master's students as a reading space. The planning and design started in September the previous year. However, we faced design changes and unforeseen issues that affected the project's progress. In meetings held on December 29th of the previous semester and September 15th of this semester, Dean Lin explained the delays and asked representatives to share this with their peers and associations.

Over the past year, we've been working to find alternative study spaces, like classrooms 733 and 834, and we plan to make the 3rd-floor undergraduate Kunsin Study Room available before the project's completion on October 31st to meet your needs.

We appreciate your hard work as students and understand the challenges. The project must adhere to the contract, and sometimes, design changes and unforeseen issues require temporary halts to ensure high-quality results. No one intentionally delayed the project, and we appreciate your understanding and support for our staff.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to completing the project for a better learning environment.


Dean Lin

October 20, 2023