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【線上EMI免費課程】徐茉莉教授 Business Analytic Using Forecasting

想學大數據卻無從下手?清華大學 服務科學研究所(NTHU ISS)徐茉莉老師(Prof. Galit Shmueli​ )設計的「#應用時間序列預測方法於商業分析  」免費線上磨課師課程將於英國最大線上學習平台 FutureLearn 登場!截至今日,已有超過18,586名來自世界各地、跨年齡的學習者。我們從討論區中驚艷地發現了有來自不同領研究生、專家、教師加入我們的課程。薦給對資料科學有興趣的各位!就算沒有統計和程式語言基礎也能一步一步了解,在六週的課程內,學習如何透過資料創造具影響力的商業預測,包含定義商業目標及預測目標、資料視覺化、時間序列預測模型等。


1. 重視時間序列預測方法應用的實務面,課程中會以許多案例帶大家認識時間序列的預測是如何帶來商業價值。

2. 課程內容設計非常的深入淺出,即使沒有太多統計或程式語言基礎,也能一步一步學會,老師會用很簡單的方式解釋每個模型背後的原理。

3. 設有討論區使大家可以在每個章節互相交流和發問,會有老師或Mentor 來為您解答。

 課程網站連結 (3/30日前免費https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/business-analytics-forecasting

Want to learn big data but don't know where to start? Prof. Galit Shmueli from NTHU Institute of Service Science (NTHU ISS) has designed a free online MOOC course on "Business Analytic Using Forecasting," which will be available on the UK's largest online learning platform, FutureLearn! As of today, more than 18,586 learners of all ages and from all over the world have already joined the course. We are delighted to see a variety of learners from different fields, such as research students, experts, and teachers, join our course through the discussion forum. This course is highly recommended for anyone interested in data science. Even if you do not have a strong statistical or programming language foundation, you can learn step-by-step. In this six-week course, you will learn how to create influential business forecasts through data, including defining business and forecasting goals, data visualization, time series forecasting models, and more.

 Course Features:

  1. Emphasizes the practical application of time series forecasting methods. The course will introduce numerous case studies to demonstrate how time series forecasting brings commercial value.
  2.  The course content is designed to be very easy to understand. Even if you do not have a strong statistical or programming language foundation, you can learn step-by-step. The instructor will use simple explanations to clarify the principles behind each model.
  3. There is a discussion forum where students can communicate with each other and ask questions about each chapter. The instructor or a mentor will be available to answer any questions you may have. 

Free Access before 30.March. 2023  https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/business-analytics-forecasting