icon 2022.10.28 【品牌管理】

01. 視覺識別系統使用管理要點



一、 國立清華大學科技管理學院(以下簡稱本院)為辦理本院視覺識別系統 (Visual Identity System,簡稱VIS)之使用申請及授權業務,特訂定本要點。

Article 1 The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures to process the application and authorization of the use of the Visual Identity System (VIS for short) of the College.

二、 本要點所稱的視覺識別系統,包含院徽及標準字體院名、書法字體院名(如 附件一)。

Article 2 The VIS referred to in this policy includes the logo and the name of the institution in the standard and in the calligraphic fonts (as shown in Appendix I)

三、 本院各單位、教職員工生、學生社團或各地校友會等,若非以商業為目的而 欲使用本院視覺識別系統時,應遵守本院『國立清華大學科技管理學院視 覺識別系統規範手冊』之規範。

Article 3 Anyone from CTM, including faculty members, staff, students, student clubs, or alumni associations, who wishes to use our VIS for non-commercial purposes should abide by the "National Tsing Hua University College of Technology Management Visual Identity System User’s Manual".

四、非本院單位如欲使用本院視覺識別系統,須向本院提出申請(申請表如附件 二),並不得作為商業目的使用。

Article 4 If anyone outside the organizations mentioned above wishes to use our VIS, an application must be submitted to the College (application form as shown in Appendix II) and this must not be used for commercial purposes.

五、 獲本院授權使用視覺識別系統者,不得將本院視覺識別系統與監製、製造、 生產、品質管制、管理、保證、推薦或其他近似文字或圖樣連用。但與本院 有產學合作、專利技術移轉或授權,經本院同意者,不在此限。

Article 5 Any person authorized by the College to use the VIS shall not use the VIS in conjunction with supervision, manufacturing, production, quality control, management, guarantee, recommendation or other similar words or patterns. However, in the cases of authorized industrial-academic cooperation, transfer of patented technology, the College shall agree to such use.

六、 使用本院視覺識別系統應遵守申請使用之目的、範圍及方式。若欲延長使用 期限,應再次提出申請,且非經本院同意不得轉授權。

Article 6 The use of the VIS of the College shall comply with the purpose, scope and manner of the application for use. To extend the period of use, a re-application should be submitted, and sublicense shall not be granted without the consent of the College.

七、 本要點經院務會議通過後實施。

Article 7 These regulations shall take effect after the approval of the College Council.