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Power outage notice

Xian Gong Substation Power Outage Notice

Power outage time: 11/4 (Saturday) 04:00~06:00 morning

Power outage areas: Lee Tsen Min Building, TSMC Building, Business Incubation Center, Tsing Hua Laboratory

Cause of power outage


1. The connection of the busbars can only occur during a power outage, as the high-voltage cables between the Educational Building and the Heritage Museum have been spliced into Xian Gong’s substation high-voltage panel. Furthermore, the splicing of high-voltage electricity between the Heritage Museum and the Lee Tsen Min Building will also be conducted simultaneously. Power supply will be restored as soon as the operation is completed.


2. Throughout the power outage, it is recommended that departments and dormitory-related units within the affected area unplug all computers and equipment, turn off the power supply at distribution boards and switch boxes to ensure electrical safety, and mitigate the risk of potential damage upon power restoration.


3. In relation to the power outage schedule, it is necessary for the dormitory-related units within the affected areas to provide notification via email. Additionally, notices must be posted on all building entrances and on each floor near the elevators. If any relevant matters can be resolved ahead of schedule, power will be restored accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your department.


Repair duration: Anticipated completion is within 2 hours (actual outcomes may vary based on the circumstances).


All related-units are advised to make preparations in advance



Division of Construction and Maintenance

Contact: Mr. Wu 62289