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MBA in Technology Management

MBA in Technology Management Learning Goals and Learning Objectives

Learning Goals

Learning Objectives

1. Our graduates will possess a global view on industrial and social change.

1-1 In the intensive cases discussions, our students will understand the ever-changing activities and issues in global business.

1-2 From collecting industrial data, our students will be capable of writing business plans.

2. Our graduates will be equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge.

2-1Through interdisciplinary programs with various specialized fields, our students will identify problems/issues.

2-2 In the cases study, our students will independently solve the cross-functional conflicts.

2-3In various start-up competitions, our students will integrate management knowledge into technology specialization.

3. Our graduates will be able to put theory into practice.

3-1 By conducting research projects, our students will possess the ability to apply management theories into business practices.

3-2 Our students can complete a research and report it in a business communication way.


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