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International MBA 碩士班學習目標及核心能力



1. Our students will be equipped with the knowledge set necessary to ethically manage decision-making practices in today's business operations

1-1 Students will know the business disciplines and have the ability to analyze the industry environment

1-2 Students will possess the skills and knowledge to evaluate the market competitiveness of a company, risk and profitability

1-3 Students will identify common ethical problems in the practice of business activities such as conflicts of interests

1-4 Students will identify how corporate law incorporates ethical standards to regulate immoral business behavior, such as a breach of fiduciary duties

2. Our students will possess global vision

2-1 Students will acquire the knowledge of international trade, international finance, risk management and strategies to go global

2-2 Students will acquire the knowledge of economic theory that enables a manager to make appropriate decisions in response to an open economy and government policy

3. Our students will focus on serving others as leaders and team members

3-1 Students will be able to work as a team and put their business knowledge into practice in making group decisions

3-2 Students will demonstrate interpersonal communication skills in a multi-cultural team setting

4. Our students will demonstrate effective communication skills

4-1 Students will be equipped with professional writing skills

4-2 Students will deliver a professional quality presentation


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