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Part-time MBA

Part-time MBA Learning Goals and Learning Objectives

Learning Goals

Learning Objectives

1. Business disciplines and decision-making practice

1-1 Our students will know the business disciplines and have the abilities to analyze the industry environment to make the right decisions.

1-2 Our students will possess the skills and knowledge to evaluate the market competitiveness of company, risk and profitability.

1-3 Our students will have the ability to formulate strategies that meet stakeholder expectations, compete successfully in marketplace, and deliver corporate resources efficiently.

2. Oral and written communication skills

2-1 Our students will experimentally create professional and logical business-related documents.

2-2 Our students will make professional and qualified presentations with appropriate techniques and communication skills.

3. Global vision and international perspective

3-1 Our students will cultivate the ability to think and implement plans from a global perspective in order to cope with any problems arising in business situations.

3-2 Our students will attain capabilities to manage a global firm, with clear understanding of the role of globalization in the modern economy and its respective impact on trade and monetary policies 

4. Business ethics

4-1 Our students will be able to identify ethical issues in the context of business decision making and give weight to ethical considerations in light of business operations.

4-2 Our students will understand the current and pressing moral issues in business and apply general ethical principles to particular cases or practices in business.


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