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National Tsing Hua University, College of Technology Management –Distinguished Teaching Award Process

  National Tsing Hua University, College of Technology Management -Distinguished Teaching Award Process


Passed on June 20, 2008 (2007 academic year), by the 5th Facultymeeting

Revised on April 29, 2009 (2008 academic year), by the 4th Faculty meeting

Approved by the University President on July 15 , 2009

Approved revisions on March 22, 2011 (2010 academic year), by the 2nd College of Technology Management Affairs Committee meeting

Approved on June 10, 2011 by the 26th University Affairs Fund Management Committee meeting

Article 1

The distinguished teaching award has been set up to encourage the College’s faculty to develop a continued record of excellence in teaching, to enhance enthusiasm for teaching, and to broaden teaching achievements.


Article 2

Eligibility criteria: Full-time College faculty members with a minimum of three years’ teaching experience at the College and part-time teaching staff with a minimum of six cumulative taught semesters.


Article 3

Selection frequency: Once every academic year


Article 4

Number of award recipients: 2-3


Article 5

Description of Award: Award recipients receive NT$20,000 (financed from College funds) and public recognition. Award recipients cannot be in receipt of other university distinguished teaching awards in the same academic year.


Article 6

Nomination and decision process:

1) Each department/faculty, including EMBA and IMBA can nominate 1-2 College faculty members every year, by the end of March

2) The assessors of the distinguished teaching award will request that nominees provide written evidence of their teaching style and methods as well as teaching evaluation surveys from the past three years. These must be sent to the College of Technology Management

3) The Dean will form a 5-7 person judging panel

4) The judging panel’s duties:

i) Elect 2-3 outstanding teachers

ii) Nominate 1-2 teachers for the annual distinguished teaching award (in accordance with University announcement rules)


Article 7

Recipients of university-level distinguished teaching awards cannot be nominated for the College of Technology Management’s distinguished teaching award within a period of two semesters. Teachers may only be awarded the distinguished teaching award a maximum of three times.


Article 8

The above rules must be approved by the College Affairs Committee and University Affairs Fund Management Committee.


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