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【暑期實習】台積電今年徵求Finance Business Development (FBD) Summer Internship


(TSMC 2018 FBD Summer Internship)

💪台積電今年徵求Finance Business Development (FBD) Summer Internship👀




(1) 將履歷寄給: Ms. Monica Lin ( )
(2) 填妥TSMC網站履歷並註明申請“2018 Internship Program” >>…

入選者將參與4月舉辦的【FBD Coffee Session】,透過與主管對談更了解FBD單位,有興趣的同學別錯過囉!

TSMC 2018 FBD Summer Internship

TSMC’s Finance Business Development internship program will give you the opportunity to immerse in the frontline of Moore’s Law and experience the real-life business analysis.
In the meantime, it will sharpen your critical thinking and deepen your understandings in mobile communication (e.g., Smartphone), high performance computing (e.g., Data Center), autonomous driving, and Internet of things (IoT).

About the program:
TSMC Finance Business Development offers a 2-month summer intern program in HsinChu, Taiwan. In this program, you will work with several senior level mentors, and a peer level buddy will help you during the program. You may be assigned to one of 
• IC supply chain of Data Center, Automotive, Mobile, IoT.
• Foundry market analysis in technology, price, cost, product portfolio, capex, capacity
• Top IC vendor’s financial modeling, M&A, and investment.

We are looking for the candidate:
1. Business (e.g. Finance, MBA) + Engineering background (e.g. EE, Computer Science, Material Science & Mechanical Engineering; preferred, not must)
2. Excellent communication skills
3. Good at Excel and presentation
4. Self-motivated, willing to accept challenges, and can-do attitude

If you are interested in the program, please complete both processes by Mar. 18, 2018: 
(1) submit your CV to Ms. Monica Lin at , AND 
(2) Fill out your resume on tsmc website and apply for “2018 Internship Program”>>… .

Once qualified, you will be invited for a coffee session in April to learn more about the program, and have great chance to win the intern opportunity.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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