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課程規劃 Courses


The masters curriculum is composed of four modules: Service Innovation & Design, Service Marketing & Management, Service‐Oriented Information Technology, and Business Analytics. In each of the modules students learn to integrate knowledge from various perspectives and to enhance problem solving capabilities using managerial and technical approaches.


課程 (42學分) Course work (42 credits)

  • 必修:21 學分

Core required credits21 credits 

  • 必選:15學分

Core electives: 15 credits

  1. 至少選擇1個模組作為主修,於主修模組內選修9學分,再加上從4個模組裡任選修6學分,共15學分。

Must Select a module as a concentration. Within major module elective 9 credits. And elect any other courses from four modules 6 credits.

  1. 選擇兩個模組作為複合主修,並於兩模組中各選修6學分。再加上從4個模組中任選修3學分,共15學分。

Select two modules as concentrations. Within major modules both elective 6 credits. And elect any other courses from four modules 3 credits.

  • 選修:6 學分

General electives: 6 credits


體驗改變的力量 Experience the Power of Change


Students go through a humanity camp in the first winter break, in which they participate in a series of team activities. The humanity camp lets them experience the power of change and helps them become confident in fulfilling their life destinies by serving others.

The institute offers additional transformational activities such as river trekking, where students experience the power of service and the relationship between I and We.


暑期實習 Summer Internship


In their first year, students spend two months in the summer as interns in a company to gain experience and apply their knowledge to service related tasks. The summer internship allows

students to identify their strengths and weakness in order to plan their second year’s learning activities and complete their thesis work.