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Institute of Service Science

         The Institute of Service Science is the first graduate institute in Taiwan to focus on the studies of service science. It emphasizes the integration of technology and humanities in order to increase service satisfaction via service innovation on service contents and service delivery. The institute also investigates effective methods to enhance the competitiveness of service-oriented industries and, in turn, further improve social wellbeing.


        The vision of the institute is to integrate science, technology, and management to develop the service science discipline, to nourish professionals in service innovation to improve wellbeing of human society, to leverage academic and industrial resources to raise national competitiveness, and to participate in international academic communities for service science research. According to the vision, the research topics are mainly on issues in technology-enabled and knowledge intensive service innovation and management. In curriculum design, it consists of four modules: service management & innovation, service information system & management, service culture & society, and industrial mentorship and internship. The institute expects that graduating students can possess technical and managerial skills in service design and delivery, have service attitude and value system, and in their career development, become leaders in service innovation and management in various industries.