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1. Our graduates will be effective communicators.

1-1 Our students will be equipped with professional writing skills and reading ability.

1-2 Our students will demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills through teamwork.

2. Our graduates will have logical thinking and analytical skills to examine business situations, identify and analyze business problems, and make proper decisions.

2-1 Our students will learn the fundamental concepts of corporate financial management.

2-2 Our students will acquire a theoretical framework of financial management and apply it to real business decisions.

2-3 Our students will know the conceptual structure of accounting and acquire basic accounting skills.

2-4 Our students will comprehend the basic principles of rational choice.

3. Our graduates will be aware of ethical or legal issues and their implications in decision-making

3-1 Our students will know the activities/issues that might present ethical challenges associated with law, and will foresee the potential results relevant to such unethical behavior.

3-2 Our students will identify an ethical problem in a practical situation associated with law and apply an appropriate framework to choose a resolution.

4. Our graduates will have integrated understanding of the principal concepts within the realms of innovation capability and technology management.

4-1 Our students will learn corporate and business strategies that firms use in responding to technological changes.

4-2 Our students will identify important issues related to R&D management.

5. Our graduates will demonstrate a global perspective and an understanding of cultural diversity.

5-1 Our students will apply theoretical and factual knowledge on a particular issue in the global economy.

5-2 Our students will learn the differences between Western and local financial systems.

5-3 Our students will learn how to adapt domestic organizations in a foreign operational setting through case studies.




6. Our graduates will understand basic economic theories.

6-1 Our students will understand the basic knowledge of behaviors of individual economic agents, such as consumers and firms.


6-2 Our students will understand the basic knowledge of aggregate economic phenomena, such as growth and business cycles.




7. Our graduates will have an integrated understanding of the fundamental concepts in areas of corporate finance and derivatives markets.

7-1 Our students must be able to understand capital structure, dividend policy, and merger and acquisitions.


7-2 Our students must be able to understand the forwards, futures, options and swaps contracts.




8. Our graduates will be able to master interdisciplinary knowledge in technology and management.

8-1 Our students will be able to integrate the knowledge from interdisciplinary courses.


8-2 Our students will be able to apply the knowledge from courses to analyze management issues.